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Kind words from our confident & successful student drivers. Thank you everyone who shared such kind words and we enjoyed very minute together, your success is our success this is our passion that drives us to do what we do.

February 24th, 2020

Hi Linda, I Just wanted to let you know that I took my Class 5 GDL exam about an hour ago now....and passed on the first go! I only got one ten point demerit for a misjudged left turn, but otherwise my instructor said everything else was perfect, including my parallel parking, which is something I was pretty stressed about. I want to thank you and Andrew so much for your help. The in class lessons were a fantastic way to familiarize myself with the rules of the road, as well as spend a couple of days with some really fun people, and Andrew was by far, the best driving instructor I could have asked for. I will absolutely be recommending you guys to any friends looking for driving lessons in the future!

Thanks again for all your help and guidance!

Kerry-Rose Moan,

Proud owner of a brand new driver's license, thanks to Skills!

Devon Turner

October 20th, 2019

Was an awesome experience learning from Vern and Linda both super kind and patient people, Vern was a great driving instructor who made sure to always explain the reasoning behind the rules of the road and made sure to point everything out to make sure you didn't miss anything. Linda made sure the classes were to the point but also fun by joking around enough to make you pay attention! Would highly recommend!

Brennen French

Nov 3, 2018

Skills driving school was an excellent experience and use of my time to prepare me for my license. It made me feel much more confident. Both of the instructors are very friendly and make the entire course a fun and non-stressful event. They are very flexible with their times and if the driver needs a ride home or a pick up to start the driving part of the course. The classroom part of the course was very well structured, it prepares you for on the road to make you confident you know the rules of the road. If I had a critique I would have mentioned it in my review but I don't because my time with Skills Driving School was flawless. I went for my license the next day and got it first try!

Benjamin Watts

October 25th 2018

Absolutely phenomenal driving instructors, I had Linda and I enjoyed every minute of it! I learned tons of stuff with the classroom part anf with the 10 hours driving I was able to fine tune all of the errors I made, If you are wanting Drivers Ed this is the one you want to take.


1 min ago

Thank you Ben for taking time out and sharing your kind was such a pleasure to meet you and your family. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I proudly look forward to seeing you safely driving on the road..

cheers Linda 😊✌

September 30th 2018

I can’t say enough about Linda who helped my son pass his drivers test first time. My son is high functioning ASD and we had booked a series of lessons with another instructor earlier this year. Unfortunately, his needs were not taken into consideration and he had to walk away after the second lesson, leaving him with reduced self esteem to continue any further. Linda came highly recommended by other parents so I took the leap to call her. Extremely understanding of the situation, Linda arranged a short assessment the following day to see where our son was with his learning. The positivity from Linda allowed our son to want to continue his lessons. A plan was set up, accommodations made, and two weeks later our son passed with 100%. He is now a respectful and confident driver which has boosted, not only his freedom, but his self-esteem as well. Linda was calm, profession, extremely experienced and patient. It didn’t take long for her to gain our sons trust. He loves her sense of humour! In fact, he said, ‘Linda’s great, doesn’t nag and isn’t stuffy - she’s so much fun to learn with!’ Thank you Linda for finding the time so quickly to help him on this next stage of his teen years!

Deb D ~ Okotoks

August 30th, 2018

Skills driving really helped me to build up my confidence while driving. Vern my instructor was always very calm and patient with me, giving me the confidence I needed to pass my drivers test on the first try. Thanks Vern for helping me get my drivers licence you were a great instructor.

Grace W. of okotoks

July 1st, 2018

Hi Linda, this is Lisa S , you helped me drive last year.

I'm just touching base to let you know that I have finally built up confidence and control my anxiety and did my driving test.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed and to thank you for what you did to help me learn. I really appreciate everything you did for me.

Lisa S. 

June 2018 

Linda is an amazing instructor. Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she was able to break concepts and maneuvers into manageable chunks and reinforce them in such a way that they became habit. I felt very confident upon taking my road test because of her teaching and passed by a wide margin. I would recommend her to anyone who is planning to take their drivers test.


April 26, 2018

Hey Linda ! Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything (: I passed my test today! Couldn't have done it without you (: thank you again so much!!!

Taking Skills driving school was one of the best decisions I ever made, just after two lessons I already felt way more confident behind the wheel as a new driver. I learned so much so fast and I don’t think I would have been able to pass my test without the skills and confidence taking this course had gave me. I highly recommend taking this for anyone who’s nervous about driving with their parents or in general. I’ve never felt so welcomed by such sweet individuals. I passed my test the first try and couldn’t have done it without the help of Skills. Kynlie P

Name: Caroline H., Student: Joel: Okotoks April 2018

Questions/Comments: Had to write and give Linda five stars for her excellent personal attention and excellent teaching skills. Joel had never driven a car and only had the basic insurance reduction package and Linda got him through his test first time. She gave him great confidence so that he wasn’t a bag of nerves for his test. She made sure we, as Joel’s parents, were kept informed of everything at all times which was also very much appreciated. A very positive experience and a first time great result!!! Thanks Linda!


August 9th, 2017

"Before beginning my Driver’s Education with Linda, I already had quite a bit of driving experience, however my time spent driving with her helped me to break bad habits I had picked up from my parents and to fully prepare for my Driver’s Test. My lessons were completed out of Calgary, and her times and locations were very flexible, even picking me up from school one day and my Aunt's house another. She was always early for in-car sessions and made sure I got the full time (even giving me an extra ten minutes from having to get gas during one). Not to mention her pricing is also way more reasonable than through somewhere like AMA. I enjoyed the sessions with Linda as she was always making conversation and wanting to get to know me, and she has a very outgoing, friendly personality. Overall, it was a great experience and it helped me to get a perfect score with no point deductions on my test, while also making me a more aware driver and more likely to have an accident-free future! I highly recommend Linda as a Driver's Ed instructor!"

- Matt

Hi Linda,

"Linda is so passionate to the welfare of our new drivers that she created Skills Driving School. If you know of a young or new driver looking for such a driving instructor, I recommend you give Linda a call at 403.816.2402 and book your appointment today.

Ron M. WCB

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to say thank you again. As a former teacher, I truly appreciate when a fellow teacher/instructor goes above and beyond for their student and has a true passion for what they do. My son, Carter, saw that in you as well. You have shared so much of your knowledge with him and his confidence driving shot straight up. The unfortunate part, is that now he lets everyone in our family know when they are committing a traffic violation. Smiles. I will be proudly passing on your name to any parent interested in having their son/daughter complete the Driver's Training Program.

Thank you again,


Apr 4

I used to be scared of the thought of driving. I wasn't sure I had it in me - I have anxiety and am scared of a lot of things. With Linda's knowledge, adaptability and drive - I passed my driving test on the first try. She explained everything so well and was patient with me when I didn't understand or was scared. My family trusted this company and with the small price we had to pay we are all extremely satisfied and grateful we went with Skills for this journey.  

-Teagan Dureski

Hi Linda

January 2017

Thanks so much for the amazing driving guidance from you throughout my driving school experience... I can honestly say I needed someone exactly like YOU to get through to my head and teach me how to drive. I wouldn't change one moment! and I'm grateful to you for everything!

- Karla Hofer

At 25 years old, and with extreme hesitation I pursued drivers Ed. I knew I wanted my license but I was extremely reluctant for such a long time because driving made me nervous. I enrolled in drivers ed in March of 2016. Linda was my in class drivers ed instructor as well as my in car drivers ed instructor.

During the in class education sessions I was expecting it to be dry and boring. Linda was very engaging and quite thorough when educating the class room. She was able to keep me interested and always explained a real life scenario to each situation of which she was teaching. Her teaching style is what kept me attentive and I was able to absorb the knowledge and I completed the in class test with 100%.

The in car lessons were what I was most nervous for. I hadn't driven in over two years and my confidence with driving was very low. The first lesson Linda could sense my apprehension but she nipped that in the bud, she gave me a thorough explanation of driving and had me go through residential areas until she could sense that I was comfortable. After the first lesson I was good to go, the following 4 lessons went very well and Linda instructed me in a calm and assertive manner. She knew what I was ready for even before I did. Lind's skills on the road are impeccable and she ensured I was taught and understood the specifics of driving. By the last lesson I was driving with confidence, I felt like a driver on the road not a student. Linda's accuracy and precision is what enabled me to succeed while on the road. Linda made sure I, as her student, was driving to the best of my ability, she maintained positivity and she showed me so much confidence in me.

On March 27th 2015 I completed my road test, and I passed the test with zero deductions. I can attribute my accomplishment with succeeding on the road test to Linda as she provided me with knowledge and skills to create a driver out of me.

Thank you,

- Ashley Jennings

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